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  RB Logbook professional pilot logbook now available!
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Connect to your airline operations, communicate with crew, sync and share your busy schedule and manage life beyond the airport with ease, for better work-life balance. 
Download your airline's roster on your phone. We support over 500 airlines.
Crew conversations
Effortlessly connect with any crew on your flight, or crew nearby.
Check info such as KCM, Wx, METAR, TAF and NOTAM for any airport in the world.
Career statistics
Track your flying career with statistics about your flights and duties. 
Connect apps
Connect to your calendar, export to logbooks and other third party apps.
Friends & family
Stay in touch with your friends in aviation & family, layover and meetup suggestions.
Friends and Family
I can invite my loved ones to follow my flying schedule with the RosterBuster Friends and Family Function. I know that there will still be times when my roster means I’m away from home for those special occasions, but bringing my friends and family closer, helps me achieve a better work-life balance.

Ingrid - Flight Attendant
Duty and Block Hours
The block and duty hours feature is my favorite feature within the app. I use the graph regularly to get a quick overview of my recent duties and check on my flight time limitations.

Emile - First Officer
Career Statistics
With the Career Statistics feature, I have a great overview of the routes, countries and airports/cities that I visited. I can see the number of flights per month or year, and the distances soon added up. I really like to see how many hours I was in the air each month. 

Anouk - Flight Attendant
Daily flights
" Innovating and accelerating connectivity and borderless communication between airlines and their crews. "
– Richard Versluis, CEO RosterBuster

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