From the makers of RosterBuster, comes RB Logbook

From the makers of RosterBuster, RB Group gets ready to launch its new pilot logbook app, RB Logbook.

Our new pilot logbook coming soon

Founded in 2010 RB Group is dedicated to better-connecting the aviation industry, through our innovative and award-winning aviation tools and apps.

  • Crew mobile app, RosterBuster
  • Airline Enterprise crew engagement and connectivity tool, RB Connect
  • Pilot logbook app, RB logbook

RosterBuster and RB Logbook work together

Our new electronic pilot logbook app, RB Logbook is designed to work seamlessly with the RosterBuster app or other 3rd parties tools.

RB logbook is designed for professional pilots, private pilot license holders, and students.

The new electronic logbook app for iOS and Android

RB Group is proud to add this innovative crew app to its portfolio of cutting-edge apps and solutions.

RB Group is helping crew, simplify their lives, on and off the runway.

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