Discover RosterBuster in-app features for pilots and airline crew

Rosterbuster features

Premium Subscription Free Version
No Ads Unlimited roster downloads
View Latest Roster View flying career statistics
Roster Change Marker Crew / Friends chat
Flight Stats Info Manual flight entry
Match Friends on DayOff, Layover and Standby Flight Radar
Hide Event Duty Type Destinations info
Custom Flight Statics Date range Weather info
Compare your ranking with Friends & Industry peers Export to ICS calendar
Enable Roster Sharing with your fellow crew members -
Flight Together with other crew members -
Check Nearby crew -
Check Meet Up Suggestions -
Airport Weather Info -
Airport KCM info -
Export KCM info
Export Roster to Third Party Apps -
Auto Sync your Roster with Google- and iCloud Calendar -
Enable all roster download interval options -
Check Duty/Block Hours -
Check Duty/Block Graph -

Supported roster systems

AIMS, eCrew, AirCrews, AviaBit, ASL, CAS, CrewDock, CrewConnex, KEOPS, Flica, Leon, Meridian, Netline Crewlink, Raido, Rainmaker, Sabre, Rocade, Opsman, Merlot, Tops.
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